Greetings all!!

Part of my blogging routine will be for me to post a list of new music I’ve been listening to and give a quick summary of what I like about the music.

Now, some of the songs may be from a few years ago and I’ve only just stumbled upon them so they’re “new” in my eyes and some of them are genuinely new pieces of music that has been released that I actually like.

(***Note: Though this will be a regular thing, I won’t post this type of blog every week as I don’t come across new music on that regular of a basis and it’ll be pointless to talk about one track a week. Instead I’d prefer to give a list of tracks per month. Also, I don’t have a ratings system of this section, because this list is in my view, a pick of the best bunch of new music I’ve heard***)

And hopefully you will have found something new and you’ll like them too.

1. Disco//Very by Warpaint


This first pick is also my stand out track of the last few weeks.

I stumbled onto this song a few days mainly out of curiosity. I had heard music from Warpaint before but I wasn’t a massive fan of their music because, while it is very mellow and slow it didn’t grab me apart from maybe the track Elephants.

But lately I read reviews on their new album, Warpaint, and there was some hype slowly building around them. So I decided to give them another try.

Then I heard Disco///Very.

It’s so good to see them up the tempo with their music. The moment I heard the bass come in on this track I was immediately hooked.

What makes this song work so beautifully is how simply it is arranged, and yet sounds so wonderfully complex. I’m no expert in music here but that’s one of the reasons why I love this song. And the vocals are incredible.

Good job ladies.

This song encouraged me to try the album, and it’s always a good sign when in an album you can always pick more than one track to be as your favourite. I hope Warpaint do more up tempo songs because they’ve done a fine job here.

(I posted a link for the music video below. The video goes onto the track Keep It Healthy, which is another song on the album I’m a fan of.)

2. Balloons (Kieran Hebden Remix) by Foals


This is an oldie but a goody. I found this a couple of weeks ago. I’m a fan of Foals. And I always enjoy it when a Kieran Hebden remix is made of their tracks.  I’m genuinely of remixes all together. And I love Hebden’s remix of Tron.

And with this remix of Balloons, this was no exception.

It’s one of those tracks I don’t really have a lot to say on it, other than it’s just fantastically well put together. Hebden’s Foals remixes are always lengthy but that’s what makes them so wonderful.

Like fixing clockwork or putting together a piece of pure artistry, it comes together intricately, each piece progressively chiming in to produce a larger, grander picture that makes the sound protruding from your headphones that much richer and that much more precious.

This remix, alongside that of Hebden’s remix of Tron, places you in an atmosphere of your own. In my eyes it’s a thinking man’s remix and I that’s what I like about these remixes. When I listen to them I’m calmed down and placed into a world of my own, to gather my own thoughts and process calming thoughts.

3. Arp #1 by Jackson And His Computerband



This wasn’t the song I was going to pick from Jackson And His Computerband’s album Glow, but considering it was one of the other tracks on the album I liked that I could find that was available with a YouTube link.

The song I wanted to pick and was my absolute favourite was Blow, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a link for it.

Nonetheless, this song, and in fact the album, is fantastic. The songs are so wonderfully complex that you just can’t help but like them. Standout tracks include G.I. JaneBlood Bust, Pump and More.

If Arp #1 sounds familiar to you, then you my friend, have been playing Grand Theft Auto V, because in all honesty, I wouldn’t have found this song without that game and Soulwax FM.

And speaking of Soulwax…

4. Under The Covers Volume 3 by Soulwax


This is 59 minutes and 52 seconds of pure musical adventure.

The songs put together on this piece range from so many different genres and would seem odd playing each of them one after the other but what Soulwax have done here is that they’ve blended these songs together so well that it wouldn’t make sense that they weren’t playing together.

It hops from Arctic Monkeys to Prince to The Rapture to Goose in seamless effort that I would find it hard to believe that someone could not dance or enjoy at least one segment of this piece.

What’s so great about this entire remix compilation is how it makes you so focused at anything you are doing. I have authored so many essays while listening to this compilation. It sucks you in from the off. You could be putting together a report for work while listening to this and still have a great time listening to it. It packs two jobs in one.

Ignore the video though….well at least the first 15 minutes because it is a bit strange. So…look at your own peril. Link below:

5. Men by The Dodos


Last up in this track by The Dodos. Like Disco//Very, it is arranged with a beautiful rhythmic simplicity that you just can’t help but fall immediately in love with it.

What is so striking about this elegantly easy song is the personality it has with it. It has aggression. It has charm. It has beauty. From lead singer Meric Long roaring at you at certain points of the track to the empathetic chords being strummed to compose this piece, there is not a single falsehood I can think of in regard to it.

To not like this song should be a crime.

For me, I feel The Dodos are a hugely underrated band. All their songs are easy in nature but they all come off superbly well. Every single one of their albums have been consistently brilliant. Their song Fools is the song they are most known for, but having listened to them, there is more to this band.

Of all the artists on this list I would implore that more people should be listening to this band in especially. You won’t regret.

Just don’t hate yourself for not finding them at an earlier point in life…

And that’s my list for this month.

Thanks for reading and I hope there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. If you’ve got any recommendations comment below with your suggestion.

Thanks and keep reading!!!

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