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I know I know. Where was last week’s post?

Unfortunately, last week’s post got delayed because my laptop crashed and I had to go get it repaired. I would’ve posted through the mobile app…but it’s useless…

So apologies for a late post but now everything is sorted, let’s do this!



As promised, on my first impressions post for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, I said I would give my final review of the overall game once I’ve completed it.

And lo and behold I have completed it…

So, if I had to sum up the game in one to three words?

It’s good.

That’s it.

That’s all it is.

It’s just a good game. It’s not superb. It doesn’t stand out in anyway.

The game is your standard third person shooter. The only difference is that it’s traded some limitations for others.

And yes I’m talking about hacking.


In my first impressions I compared it to Grand Theft Auto V quite a lot and it applies here also. With GTAV, you couldn’t hack into stuff even though there was a hacking mission (you know the redirecting traffic segment), but you could do stuff like shoot out of your car or your motorbike or fly a plane.

In Watch_Dogs yeah you can drive a car or a boat, but when you’re being shot at by pursuing enemies you really can’t do that back. Then again you can hack the living daylights out of everything on the road so that makes up for it.


Besides, the game deals in a scale that takes you from either vigilante to anarchist so if he is shooting back it goes against the character being a vigilante.

But then you still have to kill people to get through certain missions…

I don’t know…

But that’s one of the things I mentioned about trading one limitation for another. It’s cool that in Watch_Dogs you can control stuff like bridges or hop on trains and delay them. On GTAV there were trains but you couldn’t get on them. They either acted as a road block or ended up killing you.

But then in GTAV you can engage into hand to hand combat, but Watch_Dogs‘ only form of combat are the takedowns you can perform during a shootout. I guess in Watch_Dogs most of the time you need to rely on stealth so it kind of makes sense.


But as I moaned about in my first impressions post, I hated the driving in this game. It frustrated me so bad I found myself throwing verbal insults at my television screen and hurling my controller halfway across the room.

It’s so stiff and and the turning is a nightmare. I’ve repeatedly danced between the lines of vigilante and anarchist on several occasions thanks to the driving. And it got to the point where I didn’t care about the meter anymore. I completed the game as an anarchist.

But because the driving is so flawed it’s deterred me from doing the fixer contract side missions as they heavily rely on driving. If you’re going to have segments that require driving then you’ve got to get the mechanics right. And I’ve had plenty of practise with the driving on this game and I’m still not able to avoid a collision.

Although admittedly I have been overly critical of the game, I do admit that I enjoyed it in parts and had fun with it.

As I played more of the side missions I began to enjoy the game a lot more. The best ones in my opinion are the criminal convoys and the gang hideouts. It’s just that everytime you complete one you wanna do the next one and eventually they run out and you’re left with no much left to do so eventually you have to do the fixer contracts.

The digital trips are pretty awesome too. Though my favourite one is the Psychedellic one. I expected Spider Tank to be my most favoured, but there was something about Psychedellic that was oddly likeable. And it is annoyingly addictive. It’s uncanny. I don’t know why that is.


Madness is probably my joint second most favourite, but I wasn’t a big fan of Alone though. While it is quite refreshing to see the city being empty it is quite a slow and slightly bland digital trip.

Photo(1)The shootouts in the game are a well worked feature, especially due to the fact that you can plan three or four moves ahead when you take a look at what is ahead of you on CCTV. The cover system as well adds to making the shootouts bearable, as, like aiming your weapon, you can aim to where you want to next take cover.

The main draw of the game, hacking was also another fantastic integration, but I do feel that it is slightly limited. I say this in the sense that when you hack into a bridge you can only make the bridge open or close. Your choices for what you want certain pieces of tech to do is at a minimal quantity.


But overall I would say that Watch_Dogs is a disappointingly average game. There is no wow factor to it whatsoever. What makes it more frustrating is that you know that there is so much potential to it and hopefully, if a sequel is made, the developers will utilise that potential and make it a great game.


So what did you think about Watch_Dogs? Did you love it, hate it, or like me, was incredibly disappointed by it?

Comment below and I’ll see you on the next post!!!

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