Greetings all!!

How you guys been? It’s been a while right?

Apoogies, there was just nothing really interesting to report last week, but now with Comic-Con done and out the way and the Destiny Beta open and closed I got some stuff to talk about.

So let’s go…

First off, I’m gonna talk about the Destiny Beta, which I did play through out it’s entirety when it launched.


And what would I say about it?

It’s awesome. It’s fun. I enjoyed it. Usually I’m not one of those gamers that goes ape shit for a first person shooter because that genre of games bore me. I’d happily take a third person shooter like GTA:V over Call of Duty any day of the week.


Admittedly I do enjoy Crysis every now and then but my relationship with first person shooters are like my relationship with my barber. I didn’t come to have a deep meaningful experience, I just came to get things done.


In terms of gameplay it’s your standard FPS. However, it’s pretty cool that you can collect a huge variety of weapons and equip them at any point and carry on with your mission. You can switch from machine gun to sniper rifle at any moment of your choosing and that’s pretty nice.

I also like the Sparrow, which is like hover bike that you summon when you have to travel great distances to get to the next checkpoint. I liked it so much that there were so many times that I just got my Sparrow out for no reason and went for a ride.

Not a euphemism…


But the thing with Destiny was that I was interested in the story it had to tell. Not only was it intriguing, but after the beta I wanted to see where the game goes next, and what upgrades it has to offer my character.

And seriously, the character design is pretty badass. For anyone who has an interest in the game, you already know the three character types you’re getting. Hunter, Warlock and Titan.


I think it’s safe to say most people played as a Warlock. I did, and most of the time when I went to The Tower, most of the other people I ran into were Warlocks, even if they didn’t chose to be human.

But speaking of character design…

One of the things I loved about this game as well is the fact that my character kept changing and evolving to be better equipped as I leveled up. It gave the game momentum and kept me interested.

Seriously, my character went from this…

Photo(9)…to this…


…then to this…


…and by the time I got to the end of the demo I ended up like this…


It was insanely awesome. I bet by the time I get to like Level 19 I’m gonna end up looking like a futuristic version of a character from Game of Thrones or one of the Kryptonian soldiers from Man Of Steel.


Another thing is I’m not a fan of online multiplayer because I know there’s gonna be someone who wants to challenge you or get in the way of your progress or just genuinely be a dick to you. Call me anti-social or whatever I don’t care…

But beta makes you play with other people online. And the developers probably knew that’s some people were gonna dick around, which is why it gives you points for assisting another online player when they are trying to kill one of the Fallen.

I actually can say I had a good experience with other players online. They didn’t try to get in the way and just got on with their own stuff, and helped me out at times of need.


Plus you get to dance with other people online. Wait…did I say dance? Yes. I said dance.

You can hilariously dance with other players, or wave to them or point at them or sit with them. There were several occasions where I got groups of people to start dancing in the Tower for absolutely no reason.


I’d say my only beef with the game at this point is the ghost. You know, that floating robot voiced by Peter Dinklage? Yeah. I’d say apart from decrypting files and opening doors and providing light and guiding you to the next checkpoint they are pretty useless when it comes to combat.

If you’re gonna have something like that following your character majority of the time surely it would do something other than tell you that you can’t re-spawn in a certain area. It should help you out during a shootout by firing at the Fallen as well to make things less intense.

But then again we wouldn’t want to make things too easy now would we?



Oooh, and before I forget, another problem I had? What happened to the pause option? Honestly, everytime I pressed the Options button like any rational person would to pause the game, I kept noticing that my character was still getting shot at and eventually killed…

…like…what the hell?

FYI, People do have things to do Bungie while they’re playing your game, a pause option would’ve been nice.

Yeah that does sound super bitchy…my bad…


Overall though, my experience with Destiny was good. Although it is your standard first-person shooter, I am genuinely looking forward to when the full game is released so that I can make my Warlock more badass. So expect a review of from me once I’ve got and completed it.

FB_20140728_01_59_27_Saved_PictureSo what did you think of the Destiny Beta? Did you enjoy it? Did it put you off or has it quashed all your doubts over the full game?

I’d like to also take a moment to thank you to everyone who’s been reading my posts. I checked my view count the other day and I reached 109 views! So thanks to everyone out there that made that happen!

As always, comment below and I’ll see you on the next post!